The project comprised of two separate extensions. The first was centred around creating a type of space that didn’t exist anywhere in the main house, somewhere that had great natural light and forged a connection to the garden. We achieved this by demolishing a small dark extension and opening the existing kitchen to a new extension in conjunction with reworking the floor plan to make the existing space work harder. Expanses of opening glazing bring the outside inside and oak flitch beams create an extension that sits elegantly against the main house and in its rural setting. For the second part of the project we extended the coach house to create self-contained sleeping accommodation and a gym space. The roof of the extension tilts towards the first creating a dynamic between the two infilled with landscaping. Both extensions remain distinct in character but with the use of complimentary materials the two are tied together to sit elegantly against the main house, transforming how the spaces both internally and externally are used.